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Foust Comments on A YEAR OF MOURNING

Go straight to the third page of the link below to read Rebecca Foust's exceedingly kind and insightful commentary on A Year of Mourning in general and "272: Bad trip," "289: Castiglione," and "321: Laura in disguise at sunset" in particular.  Her discussion of craft puts my two pages of babbling about process to shame!  

Becky is the author of PARADISE DRIVE and poetry editor of WOMEN'S VOICES FOR CHANGE, where  my "Poetry Sunday" feature will be posted (if I understand correctly) from 2/4-10, 2018.  

New Petrarch Translation and Manuscript Forthcoming

"On Simone Martini's Portrait of Laura," my translation of poem 77 of Petrarch's Rerum vulgarium fragmenta, will appear in the Winter 2018 issue of The Hudson Review.  This originally untitled, unnumbered sonnet opens my new collection of Petrarch translations, To Wrestle with the Angel: Petrarch's "Chapbook" of 1337, accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press of Georgetown, KY.  (FLP published my chapbook Notes to Sing in 2016.) As A Year of Mourning was inspired by the scholarship of Thomas Roche, To Wrestle with the Angel was in